Release 0.2 Final Update

To start, here are all of my pull requests I worked on during Release 0.2: (open) (open) (closed) (closed)

This past month was a great learning experience for me. Prior to starting Release 0.2 I had little to no experience with Github. I learned a ton. Here is a small list I put together of what I am walking away with after completing Release 0.2:

  • I learned how to search and explore Github to find projects relating to my interests
  • I learned how to filter issue searches down using the sort by column, search tags, labels, and issue tags
  • I spent time learning a new language, gnu-SmallTalk, all coming from a random Hello-World project
  • The process of forking, creating branches, cloning, committing, pushing and then submitting pull requests. Before taking on this project I really had no idea how that work flow operated. I knew of the terminology and most of the git commands, but never really had the chance to operate on it using an interface like Github
  • Working on obscure little open source projects actually feels quite rewarding! The two pull requests I made to osmlab/name-suggestion-index were accepted with a thank you. It felt good even the they were not the biggest tasks. When I first started, I wanted to jump right in to the hardest issues I could find. Now at the end of it, I have kind of leaned back and tempered my expectations of myself. Both big and small project issues can be satisfying to work on.

Release 0.2 was really worthwhile for me and I am looking forward to the following releases.


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