Release 0.2 part 3

So last week I dug around for old bugs in varying repositories. I came across an issue that sounded interesting to me in TypeScript.

Link to the issue:

I spent some time setting up the development environment, forking and creating a new branch, then began to try and address the problem. TypeScript is totally new to me but I am familiar with Javascript so the jump in was not too hectic.

The issue, however, was really out of my depths. I learned a lot about TypeScript but did not manage to produce anything of value after a few days of researching and debugging. I decided to give another repository a shot and give myself a break.

I moved on to vscode and came across an issue that seemed much more reasonable.

Link to the issue:

I ran in to some issues building and running on my machine. I tried to get it running on windows to start then decided to make the change over to linux after a few annoyances. After some time spent I was able to get it building successfully on both operating systems. I’m hoping to get to the actual issue over the next day or two.

For the sake of practice with github and getting some pull requests in, I went back to some easy beginner issues and came across osmlab/name-suggestion-index. Here they were looking for some research that involved grabbing some wiki data and plugging it in to a json file.

This was good practice for me with forking, cloning, adding files, committing and then submitting a pull request off of two separate branches made for the two separate issues. I am becoming more comfortable working with github and git commands and it is making working with open sourced projects a lot more inviting.


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