Release 1.0

I chose to work on updating “tests/spec/fs.mkdtemp.spec.js”. The changes made in my update to include:

– Changing all instances of ‘var’ to ‘const’

– Adding ‘use strict’ to the top of the file

The use of ‘const’ over ‘var’ will provide a minor performance boost while ‘use strict’ helps avoid common errors, which are handled in a different way, such as not allowing the use of undeclared variables.

After forking filer to a new branch and cloning it to my local machine for testing, I found myself doing a lot more muddling around then what I expected. I added in my changes, ran the tests and everything was good. I then went back and broke it on purpose to see what errors I could drum up.

This approach was interesting and provided me more insight into eslint and just node in general.

I did mess up my git commands when committing and pushing to my branch. I rushed the process and shot myself in the foot. Being a bit new to github, it was a tad annoying to figure out where I went wrong with the pull request, but after enough searching I managed to pull through. Next time I am going to straight to github docs instead of random forum threads.


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